The Love Playlist

Whether you have met your honey or awaiting for his or her arrival, it is worth generating the love energy. It feels good and opens you up to the good stuff.  I watched The Secret, which amplifies the practice of asking and receiving. I tried one of the activities suggest by Marci Shimoff, an author featured in the film. She recommended the activity as a way to help strengthen or turn around a relationship. I used it in anticipation of my beloved:

For 30 days write down the characteristics you appreciate about your special someone. Document one reason each day describing why you love him or her. Be descriptive and feel it.

I did it. And I let it go. I kept enjoying my single life completely even by taking myself on dates. Despite some upsetting dating experiences–I used those moments to writhe in pain AND heal unresolved issues–I kept finding joy. When I let go (of my ego), I walked into a budding, fun and loving partnership.  My desires were frighteningly honored. Oh, don’t get it twisted, my relationship with my partner has challenged me to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I’ve tried to fight it, too. But, the “I can do bad all by myself” is quite frankly unhealthy. John Gottman states that there is

…preliminary evidence that a good marriage may also keep you healthier by directly benefiting your immune system, which spearheads the body’s defenses against illness. (2002-02-04). The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work (p. 5). Crown Archetype. Kindle Edition.

Plus, it just feels good to be with someone that nurtures your spirit.

Here’s my love playlist. These are songs that magnify the love feeling for me. Take a moment to listen and, perhaps, create (and share) your own playlist. Let’s follow the command André 3000 gave us to “Vibrate higher.”

Ah, that makes *me* happy.


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